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Multi Flow Hydroponic Systems

Multi Flow 12 Pot Hydroponic System

The original Multi Flow Hydroponic System, manufactured by Greentrees Hydroponics since 1992.

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The Multi Flow System is an ebb & flow type hydroponic system that uses gravity to move water through the system. The brain of the system is the level controller, a four gallon container with float switches inside to control the level of water in the system automatically. Each timer pin on the controller has a duration of 15 minutes which allows for better control over watering cycles. This is an advantage over most 30 minute increment timers because the plants really only need to be watered to the point the roots are saturated and then the water should be drained out. Also, because this system is an ebb & flow system, as the water is drained out it actually pulls oxygen down to the roots.

Multi Flow Controller"So how does this system actually work," you ask? Well its actually very simple. First of all you must layout all of the pots and set them up on a level surface. Then connect the pots together using various fittings and tubing (included). Once you have done this you plug the power cord of the pump in the reservoir into the controller unit and set your watering times. When the timer reaches the watering time you have selected, the pump turns on inside the reservoir pumping nutrient solution into the controller unit. This will continue pumping into the controller while gravity is then pushing the water out to the other pots. Once the desired watering level is reached the float switches will then cut the power to the pump in the reservoir. As long as the timer is on the system will maintain this watering level. Once the timer turns off, the pump inside the controller is engaged and the nutrient solution is then pumped back into the reservoir. This will continue until the water level reaches the preset drain depth then the pump will be turned off. Since the pumps are only pumping a short distance, to and from the reservoir, wear and tear is greatly reduced and will ensure that your pumps last for a long time.

The two gallon pots used in the Multi Flow allow your plants to grow strong and tall while giving them a spacious container to produce a large root structure. The two gallon growing containers actually sit inside of other two gallon pots which serve as the watering cells. So, all the growing containers can be pulled out and moved around according to plant growth. You are not stuck trying to re-layout the system and cut new tubing or relocate a bunch of drippers, all you do is pull the plant and growing container out and move it to a new location. It couldn't be any easier to move your smaller plants directly under the lights and move your larger plants out to the perimeter of the room to promote uniform growth throughout the grow room. "Versatility" is the key word when describing the Multi Flow. It is easily expanded to a system consisting of up to 48 pots available with the 6 add on pot expansion.

The Multi Flow system has individual containers for each plant that can be placed close together for small plants and farther apart for larger plants. Moving plants is simple just lift out the inner pot and set it at a new site. No drippers to fool with because the Multi Flow is a bottom feed, ebb and flow system. The pumps fill and drain the pots a few times each day for even watering. Hydroponic gardening at it's best! Multi Flow 12 Pot Systems come with built in timer, 55 gallon reservoir, level controller, 12 two gallon pots, tubing and pumps. A 1000 watt grow light is recommended for a 12 pot system.

Multi Flow Instructions

Controller Unit Assembly 16" tall 12" wide 15" deep
55 Gallon Reservoir 24" wide 36" tall
Individual Pots Two gallons, 9-1/2" wide 14" tall
12 Pot System 48 Square Feet, 7x7 Feet
24 Pot System 96 Square Feet, 10x10 Feet
36 Pot System 144 Square Feet, 12x12 Feet
48 Pot System 194 Square Feet, 14x14 Feet

"as usual u guys are on time and complete ; u guys rock!"

Kevin - Norcross, GA

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