Bluelab pH Controller

Hands-free monitoring and dosing of solution pH levels. Our clever pH controller automatically monitors and fine-tunes the pH levels for you. You simply set it, and forget. The pH is taken care of. For use with reservoirs up to 200 US gal/760 L. … More Details

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Bluelab pH Controller - Connect

Our brainy pH controller connect constantly monitors and fine-tunes the pH levels for you. But more than that, it wirelessly data logs to your computer too, putting continuous information at your fingertips. Use the data to make system changes faster for … More Details

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Bluelab Growers Toolbox

The Bluelab Grower's Toolbox combines the essential tools you need to easily manage your crop by measuring the pH, conductivity (ppm) and temperature of the nutrient solution. Learn the hydroponics basics with the Grow Book, so you can get going… And … More Details

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Bluelab Meter Carry Case

The Bluelab Carry Case provides a custom fit so you can use and read your Bluelab Meter right from the carry case.A firm outer casing offers impact reduction for your Meter. There are two pockets in the top of the case especially made for meter probes. … More Details

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Bluelab Soil PH Pen

Bluelab soil pH Pen - get your hands on Bluelab's newest hand held meter.Why is measuring pH vital to the success of your crop?Plants eat. They get their nutrition from minerals but they can only get all the minerals they need if certain conditions are … More Details

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Bluelab PPM Pen

The Bluelab conductivity pens are the latest innovation for hand held conductivity meters and the ultimate handy solution for measuring conductivity.Hydroponic growing lets you give the best care possible to your plants. The quality of care is in your … More Details

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Bluelab pH Pen

The Bluelab pH Pen is the latest innovation for hand held pH meters and is the ultimate handy solution for measuring pH.Hydroponic growing lets you give the best care possible to your plants. The quality of care is in your control.The Bluelab pH Pen … More Details

Item Number: 136227



Bluelab Truncheon EC/PPM Meter - EC (0.2 - 3.6)

Bluelab Truncheon MeterThe world's favorite nutrient meter! With its super tough, high quality, fully waterproof design, no calibration required, daylight readable blue LED's and no on/off buttons to worry about, the Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter has … More Details

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Bluelab Commercial Truncheon EC/PPM Meter - EC (0.4 - 6.0)

Bluelab Commercial Truncheon MeterBig jobs require a big Truncheon! With a conductivity range right up to 6.0EC (60CF or 4200ppm), it will never leave you short. The Commercial Truncheon Nutrient Meter has been designed for hydroponic crops that require a … More Details

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Bluelab Combo Meter

Bluelab Combo MeterThe Bluelab meters are now better than ever!Conductivity units that can be measured with the Bluelab Combo Meter now include EC, CF, ppm 500 and ppm 700.The LCD now displays the unit of the conductivity and temperature chosen, succesful … More Details

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Bluelab pH Meter

The Bluelab pH Meter is used to accurately measure the pH value of a solution. Simply place the pH probe into the solution and the reading will be displayed on the screen.As the meter is portable and does not need a power supply to operate, it can be used … More Details

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Bluelab Guardian Monitor

In just one glance the Guardian Monitor measures all three critical parameters to successful growth; pH, conductivity and temperature.Seasonal changes, sunlight hours, wind, inherent plant growth; from vegetative to fruiting; are all influencing factors … More Details

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Bluelab Guardian Connect

Stay connected - monitor, data log, and remotely view pH, conductivity and temperature readingsThe Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect is not only a constant indicator of the desired levels of pH, conductivity and temperature of your nutrient solution, it … More Details

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Bluelab Connect Stick

The Bluelab Connect Stick receives wireless data from one or more Bluelab connect devices. Your data can then be logged to your local computer and/or to the cloud.One Connect Stick will receive data from multiple Bluelab Connect devices. You can add other … More Details

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Bluelab Connect Range Extender

A Bluelab Connect Range Extender boosts the data signal strength. Extend the wireless range by positioning a range extender between your Bluelab Connect devices and your connect stick. Using the Bluelab Connect Range Extender requires you to already have … More Details

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Bluelab pH Probe

Easy to clean because of its bullet shaped glass bulb. Fully waterproof and less fragile than all-glass electrodes because of its tough polypropylene barrel. Gel filled (non-refillable) making it maintenance free and a double junction reference providing … More Details

Item Number: 132785



Bluelab Soil pH Meter

Soil pH measuring made simple!If you need to measure the pH level of soil, media or substrates, then the Bluelab Soil pH Meter is just what you need! Our Meter can be used by everybody from the home enthusiast through to more robust commercial … More Details

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Bluelab Soil pH Probe

Soil acidity and alkalinity are common fertility problems that can cause stunted growth and abnormally colored leaves. If you are having trouble determining the reasons for poor growth or plant health, testing the pH of the soil/media is a great place to … More Details

Item Number: 134805



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