Reflective Mylar Sheets

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Reflective Mylar Our Reflective Mylar Sheets can be used to reflect light in your indoor garden. Light is often lost in the corners when it's not reflected back to the plants. When you line the walls with Mylar, more of the light is utilized making a more efficient use of your grow lights. When our Reflective Mylar is laid flat it looks like a mirror. It feels like a thin sheet of plastic and cuts easy with scissors. Mylar is a trademark of DuPont. Our product is not the real stuff, so it should be called metallized polyester but looks and works the same. Light does not pass through the sheet and you can't see through it either. Both sides have the same reflectivity. To mount it to the wall, cut small squares of duct tape and stick them on one side of the sheet in the corners. Place the tape side against the wall and staple through it. The 2 mil (.002 inches) Mylar is thicker, more durable and easier to work with.
Other uses we have had requests for this product include temporary mirrors for theatrical productions and custom Mylar balloons, I guess you can use a heat sealer to make different shapes.

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