General Hydroponics Farm Series

General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete
General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete
Brand: WaterFarm
The WaterFarm Module is built with high-impact plastic to assure a long service life. The WaterFarm unique square design allows growers to closely pack WaterFarm units to create large, high-density installations. The WaterFarm will grow small, medium, and …

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General Hydroponics PowerGrower
General Hydroponics PowerGrower
Brand: PowerGrower
The Power Grower is a recirculating self-contained drip hydroponic system. It has a 3 gallon growing container that sits on top of the 5 gallon reservoir. The nutrient solution is pumped to the top with an air pump that sits outside the planter. The …

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General Hydroponics Controller System
General Hydroponics Controller System
Brand: 13lbs 24 x 17 x 15
Accommodates 8 growing modules, includes 13 gal. reservoir with grommet, straight fitting, 2 ft. of transparent blue tubing, 8 gal. controller with float valve, brass adapter fitting plus 7 tees, 8 pieces of 2 ft. tubing, and 2 elbows. An important …

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