Serenade Garden Disease Control Ready-to-Use 32 oz

Serenade Garden Disease Control Ready-to-Use 32 oz

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Shake well before using.

SERENADE Garden Disease Control is an effective and safe broad spectrum fungicide that controls harmful garden diseases such as bacterial spot, powdery mildew, rust and other diseases. SERENADE Garden Disease Control is OMRI and NOP certified, making it the ideal choice for organic gardeners. SERENADE Garden Disease Control is formulated from the same active ingredient used by thousands of commercial growers. SERENADE Garden has no weather or timing restrictions for application and no phyto-toxicity issues. Vegetable gardens can be treated and harvested the same day.

Spray leaves, stems and new shoots to achieve complete and thorough coverage of the plant. For best results, apply product prior to disease development or at the first sign of infection. Repeat every 7 days to protect new foliage. Under conditions of high disease pressure or periods of frequent rainfall, shorten then number of days between spraying. If rainfall occurs within 4 hours of spraying, re-apply product. Do not water foliage within 4 hours of application. Use within 24 hours of mixing concentrate product.

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Item Number: 101023
Universal Product Code: 893752000042
Manufacturer: AgraQuest

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