Grodan Expert 20/75 8"x3"x36" Slab, One Slab

Grodan Expert 20/75 8"x3"x36" Slab, One Slab

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8 x 3 x 36 inch rockwool slab, most popular size. Growing Slabs are a great choice for vegetable crops or almost any plant that needs extra support at the base. Slabs come wrapped in U.V. resistant plastic that makes a good container for the roots to thrive. A 3 foot slab could hold up to 5 plants. To use, cut a hole in the plastic the size of the rockwool cubes you use. Full the slab with water to moisten all the rockwool. Flip over the slab and cut drainage slits in the bottom across the width. Flip the slab back over and place your plants growing in cubes on the holes. The roots will grow into the slab. Water with a drip system.

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Item Specifications
Item Number: 111026
Guarantee: Non Returnable Item
Manufacturer: Grodan
Model Number: Expert 20/75

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