DUPLICATE NUMBER SEE 131052 Cal-Mag Plus Gallon

DUPLICATE NUMBER SEE 131052 Cal-Mag Plus Gallon

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Cal-Mag Plus - A highly beneficial calcium, magnesium, iron and trace minerals, plant nutrient supplement. Cal-Mag Plus is a custom plant supplement designed to help with calcium, magnesium and iron deficiencies in nutrient fertilizer programs. It serves as a catalyst for the major elements to work in symbiosis with one another to prevent blossom end rot in plants such as tomatoes and peppers and tip burn in lettuce. It's also is a bio-catalyst for plants. It is a highly beneficial plant nutrient supplement designed to correct the inherent problem of calcium, magnesium and iron mineral deficiencies found in most soil fertilizers and some hydroponic nutrient liquid concentrated formulas. Cal-Mag Plus also contains iron, boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum, copper, cobalt and iodine, beneficial vitamins, 20 essential amino acids and select botanical plant extracts to help in the production of fruits and vegetables in fruit and flower bearing plants.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 131043

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