Complete Ona Carbon Air with 8 Gallon Gel & Carbon Filter - 450 CFM

Complete Ona Carbon Air with 8 Gallon Gel & Carbon Filter - 450 CFM

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Carbon-Air - High Powered Odor Control!!!

The latest in environmentally friendly odor control - the ONA Carbon-Air combines the best of both worlds - carbon filtering with powerful odor neutralization!

The ONA Carbon-Air unit has two 6 inch ports to facilitate airflow into the carbon filter and out through the fan unit. After the air is filtered, it passes over the ONA which guarantees that all odors have been eliminated. The final result is a clean fresh smell throughout the room.

The ONA Carbon-Air is easily connected to your existing ventilation system to distribute ONA throughout your room or air exhaust system.

An 8 gallon pail of ONA Gel attaches securely to the bottom of the Carbon-Air unit. The ONA Carbon-Air unit is to be used exclusively with ONA Gel.

Carbon & ONA Gel

The combination of carbon filtering and ONA Gel is the best guarantee that those problem odors will be eliminated.

Carbon filters do eventually saturate and the ONA post-carbon treatment ensures that you never have to worry that the filter wasn't changed soon enough.

And when used with the 8 gallon pail of ONA Gel, the ONA Storm will provide long periods of effective odor control.

* 30 lbs. Bituminous charcoal based carbon filter with 1-6 inch duct for incoming air (top duct).
* 450 cfm fan with 1-6 inch duct for outgoing air (bottom duct).
* To be used with ONA Gel (8 gal pail).

* Weight: 21 kgs (46 lbs)(includes Carbon Filter)
* Ship weight: 21.3 kgs (47 lbs)(includes Carbon Filter)
* Capacity of container: 30 liter (8 US Gal) Pail
* Output: 450 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
* Power: 115 Volts/1.2 amps
* 100 watts
* Cycle: 60 Hertz
* Dimensions: 14"L x 14"W x 26"H

Item Specifications
Item Number: 131291
Universal Product Code: 624493167301
Manufacturer: Odorchem Manufacturing
Manufacturer's Part Number: 10055
Brand: ONA

Additional Documents
pdf file ONA Carbon Air Product Info
pdf file ONA Products
pdf file ONA What is it?
pdf file ONA Products Dispensers
pdf file ONA Gel Product Info
pdf file MSDS ONA Gel

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