Solatel HGC-3 Plant Pro with CO2 Monitor

Solatel HGC-3 Plant Pro with CO2 Monitor

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Precision electronic control for all environmental variables. Outlets for lighting, irrigation, ventilation, and CO2. High accuracy sensors for Temperature, Humidity, and Flood. Optional Photocell (light) and CO2 sensors available. Sensors have flexible 10 ft. cables (25 ft. total with optional extensions). This allows the Plant Pro to be located for easy monitoring and adjustment, even outside the grow room, if desired. The Plant Pro unique simplified operation allows for easy, quick setup using only two control knobs and a large digital display. One knob to select a setting, a display to show the setting, and a second knob to change the setting. Measurements from sensors can also be displayed. Easy to use digital clock provides exact timing. CO2 control includes timed or optional CO2 sensor. Adjustable Fan CO2 Delay allows extra time for CO2 absorption by plants before ventilation fan comes on.

Precision control of all the variables in your grow environment can greatly maximize yield. The microprocessor based plant pro hydroponics controller offers exact electronic timing for lighting, irrigation, ventilation, and co2 dispensing. Accurate measurements from environmental sensors allow plant pro to maintain the perfect environment for your plants to thrive in.


Power supply: North American model: 120VAC, 60Hz, 15Amps International model: 230VAC, 50Hz

Internal current consumption: Less than 0.5 Amp

Outlets: Four outlets: Lamp, Pump, Fan, and CO2 12 Amps each outlet, 14.5 Amps total

Outlet relay minimum life: 1,000,000 operations mechanical 100,000 operations electrical at 3324VA switching

Display: LED, four digits, 0.5" height, 7 segment Indicators for colon, AM, PM, F, rH, PPM, and Photo

Temperature Sensor: 32-110 F, usable with reduced accuracy to 5 F sensor accuracy +/- 1 F at 77 F (typical) sensor response time 100% of reading in 4 minutes resolution of 1 F

Humidity Sensor: 0-100% rH sensor accuracy +/- 2% 15 second time constant resolution of 1% rH

CO2 Sensor: 0-2000 PPM sensor accuracy +/- 50 PPM typical resolution of 10 PPM

Photocell Sensor: 0-100, arbitrary scale resolution of 1 unit

Flood Sensor: Conductivity type, threshold at approximately 1mSiemens continuous conductivity for 1-2 seconds required for response safe low voltage/low current, maximum of 5 volts DC, .000003 Amps

Analog/digital processing: A/D conversion +/- 1%, +/- 1 digit digital filtering time constant 2.1 seconds response time with 0-100% input change for 0-100% output change 13 seconds

Time keeping: 12 hour with AM/PM mode or 24 hour mode (factory set) accuracy is based on power line frequency stability @ 50 or 60 Hz (factory set)

Remote connector: Reserved for future peripherals including Panic circuit

Case dimensions: 9.875" x 7.875" x 2.5" (not including knobs or power cord)

Item Specifications
Item Number: 131317
Manufacturer: Solatel
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC-3

Additional Documents
pdf file Plant Pro Manual (Quick Start)
pdf file Plant Pro Manual
pdf file Plant Pro Sales Flier

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