12" Max-Fan 1708 CFM

12" Max-Fan 1708 CFM



The Max Fan Saves Energy! The Max-Fan Saves Space!

  • Extremely energy Efficient!
  • Small Airtight Housing!
  • Lower Lifetime Cost!
  • Easy Installation!
  • Cost of Energy is 70-90% of life time cost!
  • Light Weight & Compact design Save on shipping costs!
The Max-Fan Is Quiet!
  • Very High Aerodynamic Efficiency!
  • Optimized Mixed Flow is quieter than other fans of the same size!
The Can-Fan Max Fans bring centrifugal fans to a new level. More powerful and efficient than standard centrifugal fans, the Max Fan has the power to move a lot of air efficiently.

8" and 12" Max-Fan are speed controllable
  • Very High Aerodynamic Efficiency!
  • Optimized Mixed Flow is quieter than other fans of the same size!
  • CFM: 1708
  • RPM: 3374
  • Max Watts: 489
  • Max Amps: 4.1
  • Lenghth: 12 1/8"
  • Housing: Galvanized
  • Inlet/Outlet: 12"

What makes a Max-Fan better?
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Lower life time cost
  • Light Weight
  • Airtight housing
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet
  • Internal parts optimized for aerodynamic efficiency

Do Can-Fans and Max-Fan use brushless motors?
Yes. The Can-Fans and Max-Fans use a brushless motor in their operation.
Are your fans Speed Controllable?
Yes. Both the Can-Fan and the Max-Fan line of fans are speed controllable, DO NOT SET THE SPEED OR MOTOR CONTROL BELOW 40% OPERATING SPEED TO AVOID OVERHEATING THE FAN.
The Max-Fan 12" is not conventionally speed controlled, The Max-Fan 12" requires the Can-Trol Speed control.
This control provides absolutely no VVxX

Item Number: 131335
Universal Product Code: 840470002230
Manufacturer: CF-Group Inc
Manufacturer's Part Number: 340440
Brand: Can Fan

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How to install the Max-Fan

CanFan vs other fans

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