Crop Circles - Box of 20

Crop Circles - Box of 20


Profit Disks, or as we like to call them, Crop Circles, are made from the highest quality coco fiber from Sri Lanka. Profit Disks are used by commercial growers around the world. Profit Disk coco is more coarse than normal coco and has far more air space within the matrix. When soaked, Profit Disks expand to many times their volume. The 20 disk package with built in handle makes it easy to carry.

An organic potting medium made from natural coconut fibers, this medium is ideal for hydroponic and mixed media cultivation. Each Crop Circle disk expands to about five times its compressed size. Crop Circle disks are a shredded form of coco, as opposed to the coffee ground consistency of competitive products, which result in much higher air to water ratio, extremely important for healthy root development. Crop Circles are entirely organic and manufactured from renewable resources. Each disk fills a one gallon container. Dimension of compressed disk - 5" diameter x 1 1 1/2" thick.

Item Number: 131573
Universal Product Code: 659627011052
Manufacturer: Hydrodynamics International
Manufacturer's Part Number: 714550
Brand: Hydro Dynamics

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