C.A.P. 24 Light Master Lighting Controller w/Dual Trigger

C.A.P. 24 Light Master Lighting Controller w/Dual Trigger

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The MLC-24D and MLC-24Da represent the latest in large scale lighting control. They are the best devices for controlling two sets of 12 lights, each with separate timings. You run 120 amp, 240 volt power to the MLC, and have the ability to control 12 outlets with one trigger cord and 12 outlets with the other. Plug the trigger cords into standard timers, and when trigger cords receive power, the lights will turn on. The MLC-24D features twenty-four standard 240 volt style (NEMA 6-15) outlets to plug in your ballasts. The MLC-24Da has 120 volt style (NEMA 5-15) outlets, which allows for running your ballasts at 240 volts without having to change out your ballast power cords. The MLC-24D and MLC-24Da contains 6 banks of 4 lights. Each bank of 4 lights is protected by a 20 amp circuit breaker. The MLC-24D's AND MLC-24Da's are rated for 120 amps @ 240 volts.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 131623
Universal Product Code: 051000101167

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