Micro-Pore Single Air Diffuser

Micro-Pore Single Air Diffuser


Micro-PoreTM Oxygen Diffusers are designed with two things in mind. Create more oxygen and be built to last. Micro-Pores diffusion capabilities are unmatched in their price range. Each stone diffuses bubbles between 90-250 microns or as little as .09-.25 millimeters in diameter. What this means is that per surface area no other air stone diffuses as much oxygen as Micro-Pores do.
When using Micro-PoreTM Oxygen Diffusers for deep water culture you will achieve a significant increase in root development vs. cheaper glass silicate stones and therefore a significant increase in overall plant growth and yield. When compared to container gardening with soil increases in yield of over 50% have been achieved. Micro-PoreTM Oxygen Diffusers can be used anywhere increased oxygen levels are needed. For instance placing one or two in your flood and drain tank will flood your table with super-oxygenated water which your plants will have access to. Increases in yield of up to 20% have been documented just by placing Micro-Pores in your stock tank!
Micro-Pores are designed to last for many years and can be easily cleaned using Deep Water Innovations RevitalizerTM cleaning solution. Micro-Pores also work great in tea brewers, fish tanks, aquaculture, fisheries, pond aeration or anywhere you need to increase oxygen levels.

Dimensions: 7/8" X 5-1/4".

Connection for 3/16" tubing

Item Number: 131655
Universal Product Code: 736211459497
Manufacturer: Deep Water Innovations

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