Power Cloner 165 Machine


POWER CLONER Aeroponic Clone Machine

Our Power Cloner models allow you to easily root and clone your favorite plants. Place any fruit, flower, herb, shrub, or tree* cuttings in your Power Cloner and you'll be amazed at the prolific roots
initiated in only 5 - 10 days. Power Cloners initiate much larger cuttings than conventional methods saving valuable gardening time.

Power Cloners utilize the aeroponics method of rooting cuttings. A high output pump and microjet sprayers deliver a highly oxygenated spray of water and rooting hormones to the stem of the cutting.
The cuttings are mechanically supported by a flexible neoprene collar which holds the plant cutting in the Power Cloner lid by suspending the cutting stem in the nutrient reservoir.

By eliminating the growing medium and suspending the bare cutting, there is more surface area available for root initiation and growth. In addition, this increases the surface area in the root zone
available for the absorption of atmospheric oxygen, dissolved oxygen and rooting hormones. You will love the valuable products that come with each Power Cloner including: a Humidome, Power Clone
Rooting Solution, and AquaShield Water Treatment Solution.

*Trees may take up to 30 days to initiate roots.

Power Cloner 45Power Cloner 70Power Cloner 165
Overall Dimensions:24x15x19"26x20x9"38x30x19"
Reservoir Capacity:10 gallons20 gallons40 gallons

Power Cloner Features:
+ Successfully roots up to 165 ready-to-transplant cuttings.
+ Utilizes the highly efficient aeroponics method.
+ Provides superior control with an air pump which increases oxygenation
level in cloning solution and a Humidome with adjustable air vents that
allow you to control humidity level.

Power Cloner Includes:
+ High-pressure submersible pump.
+ 45, 70, or 165 site cloning tray.
+ Large capacity 10, 20, or 40 gallon reservoir.
+ Air pump with air diffusers.
+ Clear Humidome with adjustable vent.
+ Power Clone Rooting Solution and AquaShield Liquid Compost Solution.

Item Number: 131777
Universal Product Code: 757900710422
Manufacturer: Botanicare
Manufacturer's Part Number: HSCL-PC165
Brand: Botanicare

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How To Clone Your Plants

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