Nutradip Tri Meter Model 202 (pH, PPM & Temperature) NaCl conv

Nutradip Tri Meter Model 202 (pH, PPM & Temperature) NaCl conv


Nutradip Tri-Meter

The Nutradip Tri-Meter (CMS) Continuous Monitoring System Meter gives you the ability to monitor pH level, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Temperature all at the same time. This portable/continuous monitoring system requires no batteries, just plug it in a AC wall receptacle and the meter will remain in a calibrated mode for months.

The pH Meter is a new way of measuring the acidity or alkalinity in your water. It is a continuous monitoring pH meter with automatic temperature compensation. The system uses a remote probe which stays in your reservoir and an AC powered display unit.

Potential of Hydrogen (pH), are found in all aqueous solutions. Potential Hydrogen can be beneficial in controlled concentrations, but can quickly change to undesired levels of acidity of alkalinity of the solution. pH can accumulate to toxic levels in sensitive environments like plants, aquariums or drinking water, therefore the need to measure pH is very important. The Potential Hydrogen Monitoring System is an effective pH management tool.

The pHMS operates very easily. Simply plug in the power supply, drop 2/3 of the probe into your solution, and in minutes your display will show an accurate temperature compensated measurement from your solution. Once placed, the probe can remain there indefinitely.

This economical meter indicates the pH measurement on a large 7 segment display. The replaceable electrode (included) attaches to the meter with a standard BNC connector and comes with a 0.9m (3 ft.) cable.


  • 4 Digit nutrient value display
  • Replaceable pH probes, AC adapters, and nutrient probes
  • Monitor pH levels
  • Monitor nutrient temperature in Fahrenheit or Celcius
  • Water resistant
  • Detachable probes & adapters
  • Large, easy to reas LED display
Range of measure:
pH 0.0 - 14,0pH CE/ppm 0 - 9990 ppm Temperature 5° - 32° C

pH ± 0.1% ppm±2% Temperature± 1°C ou±1°F


pH 2 points, Manual Ce/ppm 1 point manual Temperature 1 point, manual

Item Number: 131971
Universal Product Code: 718122808007
Manufacturer: Future Harvest Development
Manufacturer's Part Number: 1100042
Brand: Nutra-Dip
Model Number: TRI-CMS-202


pdf file Instruction Guide
pdf file Nutradip Brochure
pdf file Nutradip Troubleshooting Tips
pdf file Nutradip Instructions

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