Dutch Master Gold Range APS Clone Food 5 Liters

Dutch Master Gold Range APS Clone Food 5 Liters



* So Simple - Makes Rockwool Conditioning A Snap!
* Ready To Use Straight Out The Bottle - No Dilution Required!
* Doubles As A Ready To Go Foliar Spray For Your Delicate Cuttings!

Are you not getting the cutting success you deserve because the whole process is too hard or too technical? End that today! A.P.S perfectly conditions Rockwool cubes for cuttings and as A.P.S is ready to use straight out of the bottle, using it is a snap! Improper Rockwool conditioning is the biggest reason why so many people fail to get the results they want when taking cuttings. A.P.S perfectly prepares your Rockwool to successfully accept your newly taken cuttings. A.P.S gently conditions your Rockwool cube to the perfect pH and bathes the cube in a gentle nutrient solution tailored specifically for newly taken cuttings. A.P.S is also used as a highly effective foliar spray allowing your cuttings to grow while rooting! Simply add Dutch Master GOLD PENETRATOR to the amount of A.P.S you want to spray and away you go! So what are you waiting for! It couldn't be any easier!


To use A.P.S, simply follow these easy guidelines!

1. Pour the amount of A.P.S you require into a container large enough to hold and soak your rockwool cubes / slabs.
2. Allow the cubes / slabs to fully soak with A.P.S solution, remove and gently squeeze out any excess.
3. Place your cuttings into your newly prepared cubes / slabs (see Dutch Master Replicator instructions on how to take cuttings).
4. Spray cuttings every one to two days, as required, with A.P.S solution (add GOLD PENETRATOR to undiluted A.P.S solution at the rate of 60mls per litre of spray solution)
5. Feed your cubes / slabs A.P.S solution as required to keep your rockwool cubes / slabs moist.
6. When roots appear from the bottom of your cube / slab They are ready to go!

Item Number: 132185
International Article Number: 9325044004724
Manufacturer: Dutch Master


pdf file MSDS Sheet
pdf file Dutch Master APS Feed Chart

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