Dutch Master Folitech Grow 1 Liter

Dutch Master Folitech Grow 1 Liter



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* One Of The World's First Effective Foliar Sprays!
* Assists Natural Growth, Branching And Development!
* Assists To Instantly Relieve Problematic Conditions!
* Simply Spray With The Lights On It's That Easy!

You know the situation, you've been there before and it's not pretty, you've over fed your plants and now they are not happy! This is going to cost you BIG TIME! Or is it? Stop the sadness now and get your plants back to growing at their full natural genetic speed with FOLITECH! A unique and powerful Foliar Spray, FOLITECH is absolutely the best instantaneous problem relieving product on the market! If your plants are stressed then they are not growing to their full potential. FOLITECH assists your plants to recover from problematic conditions almost immediately, effectively maintaining normal, natural growth rates and patterns. Together with MAX or ADD.27 this is the best "one two" problem solving program you can use! FOLITECH is available in both grow and flower formulations. FOLITECH should always be used as directed below to help maintain vigorous natural growth and vitality.


For best results, use the online Nutrient Calculator for an individualized interactive feeding program to suit your needs.
To use FOLITECH, simply follow these easy guidelines!

1. Add 60ml / 2oz of FOLITECH together with 60ml / 2oz of GOLD PENETRATOR* to 1 litre / quart of water in a spray bottle. For a 500ml / quart spray bottle add 30ml / 1oz of FOLITECH & 30ml / 1oz of GOLD PENETRATOR and for a 250ml / quart spray bottle add 15ml / oz of FOLITECH & 15ml / oz of GOLD PENETRATOR. *GOLD PENETRATOR is an advanced delivery agent that allows FOLITECH inside the leaves of your plant. Remember, FOLITECH will not work as effectively without GOLD PENETRATOR.
2. Gently shake the spray bottle with the solution to make sure it is well mixed.
3. Make sure your lights are a minimum of 18 to 24 inches from the tops of your plants then spray your plants until the leaves are evenly coated with the spray solution and a small runoff occurs. MAKE SURE YOU AVOID SPRAYING THE GLOBES / BULBS. You only need to spray the top surface of the leaf because GOLD PENETRATOR will deliver everything inside the leaf. If you needed to raise your lights to spray you may lower them back down after 10 minutes as all the solution will be absorbed into the leaf within this time.
4. Spray your plants with FOLITECH spray solution using the above method twice per week (or every 3rd day) all the way through the grow cycle when using FOLITECH Grow and up until approximately the end of the 4th week of flowering when using FOLITECH Flower.
5. DO NOT use FOLITECH or MAX-FX if you are using LIQUID LIGHT!
6. Left over solution may be stored in the spray bottle, in a dark, cool environment, for up to a week. However, it is preferable, for optimal results, to mix fresh solutions just prior to spraying.

Item Number: 132187
International Article Number: 9325044007923
Manufacturer: Dutch Master

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