SubCulture M 200 gram Mychorhizal Root Inoculant

SubCulture M 200 gram Mychorhizal Root Inoculant

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Mychorhizal Root Inoculant

SubCulture-M, Mycorhizae Root Inoculant contains a wide diversity of endo and ecto mycorrhizal fungi that colonize plant roots. These beneficial fungi form a fine network of fibrous strands that serve as an extension of the plants root system; increasing root area and helping plants absorb water and nutrients. Use SubCulture-M from germination or propagation all the way through harvest. Reduce the amount of fertilizer and still achieve superior growth and huge yields.

  • Builds strong root systems
  • Greatly increases root mass to enhance growth and yield
  • Helps plants absorb nutrients and water more efficiently
Usage Instructions:

For regular application:
Mix Subculture-M with pure (non-chlorinated) water to make a root drench. Add 3 teaspoons (1 tablespoon) per 5 gallons of water and irrigate the root zone. Can be applied weekly if desired. For seed innoculation soak seeds for 30 minutes in solution.

For hydroponic application:
Add SubCulture-M directly to reservoir. Add 2 teaspoons per 5 gallons of water with each nutrient change. Keep reservoir aerated for maximum benefit.

For soil or media application:

Blend with soil or growing media before planting. Add 2 tablespoons per 2 cubic feet of soil or growing media (potting mix, sphagnum moss, coco fiber, bulk rockwool, etc.). Large soil applications: Add 2 tablespoons to planting hole before transplanting (trees, shrubs, etc.)

Combine SubCulture-M and SubCulture-B to create a diverse microbial community beneficial for plant health!

Item Specifications
Item Number: 132259
Universal Product Code: 793094015882
Manufacturer: General Hydroponics
Manufacturer's Part Number: 1588

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