Vita Grow Water Conditioner - 8oz.

Vita Grow Water Conditioner - 8oz.

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The best product in the world for assuring faultless water application to plants. Vita Grow Water Conditioner conditions the water that is fed to plants so that the plants can grow to their full potential. It coats the plant food elements so that the elements on the plant food and soil have less chance to combine into unusable compounds.

All water should be treated with this product. It makes the plants grow so much better. The secret is in its ability to chelate the minerals in your water and plant food and reduce harmful chlorine. This keeps minerals from combining with other minerals and dropping out of solution. Plants cannot feed on the minerals unless the minerals are in solution, so keeping them in solution is very important.

Add 1/3 to 1/2 tsp. to 1 gallon water and then add fertilizer. Helpful hints at the info button. Great stuff. Really makes plants grow! A must for any water source!!

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