Bloom Fuel 1 Liter

Bloom Fuel 1 Liter


Flowering solution

NPK: 0-0-2

Bloom Fuel is a flowering supplement designed to be used with your regular fertilizer program. The main component in Bud Fuel/Bloom Fuel is potassium which comes from different sources. Potassium is required to help plants produce stronger stems and is essential in transporting sugars produced by photosynthesis. Use on all indoor and outdoor flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Shake well before using. Begin adding Bloom Fuel 7-10 days prior to flower development to encourage a flowering response. Continue to use throughout flowering. Stop using 1-2 weeks before harvest.

Hydroponics: Mix in 10ml of Bud Fuel per 4L (2tsp/1gal) of fertilizer solution in your reservoir. Continue to use Bud Fuel everytime the fertilizer solution is changed.
Soil/Soilless Applications: Mix 15ml of Bud Fuel per 4L (1tbsp/gal) of fertilizer solution. Water each plant with the mixture. Continue to use Bud Fuel every nutrient feeding.
Foliar: 10ml/4L (2tsp/gal).

Item Number: 132378
Universal Product Code: 670829818614
Manufacturer: Grotek


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