Organicare Pure Earth Indoor Aeration Formula 1.5 cubic feet

Organicare Pure Earth Indoor Aeration Formula 1.5 cubic feet


PURE EARTH indoor aeration formula
Premium Organic-Based Potting Soil

For potted plants, container gardens, and hydroponic systems.

Pure Earth Indoor Aeration Formula is a premium, organic-based potting soil. The aeration formula holds a higher oxygen content making this blend more suitable for indoor applications, automated gardens and hydroponic recalculating run to waste gardens

Ingredients: Coir fiber, composted forest product, compost, pumice, perlite, humic acid (Humex)(derived from leonardite ore), seaweed (Seaplex) (derived from Ascophyllum nodosum), fish meal, alfalfa meal, composted poultry litter (Pure), earthworm castings.

Item Number: 132389
Manufacturer: Botanicare
Manufacturer's Part Number: NSOPEA1.5
Brand: Botanicare

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