Solatel PWX-240S Power Expander (20 second delay)

Solatel PWX-240S Power Expander (20 second delay)

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Item Details

The PWX-240 Power Expander is similar to the PWX-1 except they control 240 volt devices. The power cord connects to a 240 volt 30 amp service. The trigger cord has a 120 volt plug. This lets a 120 volt controller operate 240 volt fixtures. There are six 240 volt outlets allowing control of up to six 1000 watt fixtures. The PWX-240 turns all outlets on at once. The PWX240S (not shown)is similar to the PWX240 except that it sequences the outlet pairs on. The first outlet pair turns on immediately and the final 2 outlet pairs turn on 20 seconds apart. This helps avoid circuit breakers popping.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 132471
Manufacturer: Solatel
Manufacturer's Part Number: PWX240S

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