Solatel LP240S Lamp Pro Timer 240V

Solatel LP240S Lamp Pro Timer 240V


The Solatel Lamp Pro series of timers include both 120V and 240V models with the appropriate outlets. They are easy to use with a single Select knob that clicks to any of 16 time settings. Settings include an accelerated 18 hour day cycle running ON 6 hours / OFF 12 hours. Thirteen normal 24 hour day settings cover ON 8 / OFF 16 to ON 20 / OFF 4 in one hour increments for growing both short day and long day plants. Also included are continuously ON and OFF settings. There are six outlets that are sequenced on and off. First two outlets turn on, 20 seconds later the next two, and 20 seconds after that the final two, going from left to right. This allows time for the start-up current surge ("inrush") of two lamps to finish before the next two create their inrush current. This reduces circuit breaker tripping and other electrical problems. Turn off is sequenced with 5 second delays. The Lamp Pro can also be used with pumps, fans, or other devices. If the circuit supplying power to the Lamp Pro cannot provide the rated current or the building circuit breaker cannot handle the inrush current at turn-on, then this will reduce the number of devices that can be controlled. The LP-120S uses standard 120V type outlets and power cord plug. The LP-240S outlets are the type used for 240V equipment. This eliminates the risk of accidentally plugging a 120V device into a 240V outlet. An 8 foot power cord with un-terminated wires allows hard wiring or the addition of a plug appropriate for an available outlet.

Continuous time settingsOFF, ON
Accelerated 18 hour day setting (hours)ON 6 / OFF 12
Standard 24 hour day settings (hours)ON 8 / OFF 16, ON 9 / OFF 15, ON 10 / OFF 14, ON 11 / OFF 13, ON 12 / OFF 12,
ON 13 / OFF 11, ON 14 / OFF 10, ON 15 / OFF 9, ON 16 / OFF 8, ON 17 / OFF 7,
ON 18 / OFF 6, ON 19 / OFF 5, ON 20 / OFF 4
On sequence delay between outlet pairs20 seconds
Off sequence delay between outlet pairs5 seconds
Time accuracyDependent on power line 60 Hz frequency stability, highly accurate in North America
Operating voltage240 VAC at 60 Hz
Maximum current per outlet6 Amps
Maximum total current30 Amps
Outlet quantity and type6 each NEMA 6-15R
Power cord8 foot, un-terminated

Item Number: 132473
Manufacturer: Solatel
Manufacturer's Part Number: LP240S


pdf file LP240S Instructions
pdf file Lamp Pro Timers Flier

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