AeroGarden With Gourmet Herbs - Black

AeroGarden With Gourmet Herbs - Black

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The AeroGarden, the world's first kitchen garden appliance that allows anyone even "brown thumbs" with no gardening experience to simply, conveniently and affordably grow healthy and delicious Farmer's Market Fresh herbs, lettuce, tomatoes and more, all year-round, right on their kitchen counter top, without dirt, bugs, weeding or mess.
The AeroGarden uses NASA-proven, high-yield aeroponic technology and built-in grow lights to create a self-watering, self-feeding, fully automated indoor garden that grows plants faster and healthier than plants grown in soil.
The AeroGarden uses patent-pending "rainforest-in-a-box" technology, where plant roots are grown directly into the air in a 100% humid, oxygen-rich environment with a consistent, nourishing rainfall of organic-based nutrients with no dirt, pesticides or soil contaminants. This oxygen-rich "aeroponic" delivery results in stunning growth rates up to five times faster than plants grown in soil.
The AeroGarden's simple, "plug and grow" system guarantees 100% germination and gardening success. The AeroGarden is easy to set up in under 10 minutes, often germinates seeds in less than 24 hours, and can go from "seed to salad" in as little as two and a half weeks. The rapid re-growth generates continual, ongoing daily harvests for months.

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Item Number: 132667

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