Discontinued - 6/28/07 Eco Plus Brass Hose Siphon

Discontinued - 6/28/07 Eco Plus Brass Hose Siphon


A time-tested, accurate proportioning device designed for small scale growers for the dispensing of fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and other water soluble products through a hose. The Siphon Mixer proportions at the rate of 1 gallon of concentrate to 16 gallons of water. One gallon of concentrate is dispensed in 3 to 5 minutes depending on the flow rate. A larger diameter hose, i.e. 5/ 5 8" instead of 1 2", will give a larger flow rate. Excessive back-pressure will cause the siphon to stop drawing. Adjustable nozzles should not be used or should be wide open for best results. The siphon mixer needs 35 p.s.i. minimum.

The Siphon Mixer should be no more than 50 ft from the nozzle end to work correctly. If more than 50 ft of hose used siphon mixer can be connected between sections of hose.

How to prepare a concentrated solution: Since the Siphon Mixer proportions at 1:16, under normal conditions the concentrated solution should be made at 16 times the recommended rate. Example: If a fertilizer recommendation is 2 Tbsp. per gallon for hand watering, you would make the solution at a rate 16 times greater than the 2 Tbsp. rate (i.e. 16 x 2 = 32), so 32 Tbsp. per gallon would be the concentrated rate. When mixed with water from the hose, the solution will come out the hose end at the recommended rate of 2 Tbsp. per gallon.

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