Future-Brite 400 Watt Ballast - 120 Volt HPS/MH

Future-Brite 400 Watt Ballast - 120 Volt HPS/MH

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Electronic H.I.D. ballasts are quickly growing in popularity. They operate using electronic circuitry instead of magnetic ballasts made from steel & copper. They offer a number of advantages:
Power factor is 99% efficient.
Silent operation with built-in axial fans for cooling.
Can ignite both MH & HPS lamps.
Built-in safety features.
Built-in short circuit protection.
Improves lamp life.
Constant wattage output. No flickering (stroboscopic effects), resulting in perfect illumination.
Soft starting - No start-up power spikes.
Weighs significantly less than magnetic core ballasts.
Built-in fuse protection.
Two built-in fuses.
Thermal overload protection.
Sleep mode function for safety.
These ballasts are voltage specific. They are either 120 or 240. They cannot be switched from one voltage to another.
These come wired with our standard female lamp cord receptacle that accept our proprietary, patented male lamp cord making these units compatible with all Sun System reflectors. Purchase lamp cord with socket assembly separately.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 133020

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