Dutch Master Nutrient Grow B 20 Liters

Dutch Master Nutrient Grow B 20 Liters


This is one part of a two part nutrient. You need to order both parts for a complete formula.


Available in:
Grow A+B Set, Flower A+B Set

* Revolutionary 3rd Generation Nutrient!
* Cutting Edge Powerful Advanced Ionic Technology!
* 6 Years Of Technological Advancements In 1 Product!
* Formulated To Work In All Grow Systems With All Grow Mediums!

If you demand the best results. If you work longer and harder in your garden so you can stay ahead of the pack then GOLD NUTRIENT is your first choice! GOLD NUTRIENT is revolutionary! Forget those other brands, this powerful new 2 part (Part A & Part B) grow and flower nutrient took 6 years to design and perfect - and the results will amaze you! Dutch Master only uses the best available British Pharmaceutical & Laboratory Reagent grade chemicals, phyto-nutrients & aminos when making GOLD NUTRIENT! Every batch is independently lab tested for consistency prior to bottling so we can guarantee that the next bottle of GOLD NUTRIENT you buy is identical to the last! In a head to head test against our major competitors, GOLD NUTRIENT provided the robust plants and yields that you want, need and deserve! So how does GOLD NUTRIENT provide you with such awesome power? The secret lies in the feeding. GOLD NUTRIENTs unique ionic technology delivers massive amounts of the best available nutrition to your plants far above that of any inferior product. By providing a unique ionic charge to the elements contained within GOLD NUTRIENT, we unlock nature's awesome genetic power! Designed specifically for use with all growing media, GOLD NUTRIENTs high performance action performs equally well in any grow system truly universal! Try it today and unlock the power in your garden!


For best results, use the online Nutrient Calculator for an individualized interactive feeding program to suit your needs and download and read the GOLD NUTRIENT training paper.
For the following situations, use GOLD NUTRIENT at 3/4 strength (3/4 strength button on Nutrient Calculator): For young / immature plants or those using tap water above 100 PPM or those with limited growing periods of 2 weeks or less.
To use GOLD NUTRIENT, simply follow these easy guidelines!

1. Fill your reservoir or tank to 2/3rds of its capacity.
2. Add the correct amount of GOLD NUTRIENT part A for your tanks final or total capacity (according to the online Nutrient Calculator), stirring to mix.
3. Then add the correct amount of GOLD NUTRIENT part B for your tanks final or total capacity (according to the online Nutrient Calculator), stirring to mix.
4. Then add any permitted additives such as Dutch Master ADD.27 / MAX first (DO NOT use MAX if you are using ADD.27), then add SILICA and ZONE one at a time, stirring to mix before adding the next one. Please remember GOLD NUTRIENT is very powerful and you should NOT add any bloom boosters, Pk 13 / 14 or nitrogen boosters (kelp, seaweed or guano). DO NOT use POTASH+ with GOLD NUTRIENT!
5. Top up your reservoir or tank to its final volume and check the strength using a TDS (PPM or EC) meter. If required, add more GOLD NUTRIENT (one part at a time) in small equal quantities until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength. If your nutrient solution is too strong then add fresh water until you arrive at the correct nutrient strength.
6. Check and adjust the pH 5.5 to 5.8 for Rockwool, Perlite, Clay, Aeroponics, Hydro or Coco users. 5.8 to 6.5 for soilless systems such as Promix or Sunshine mix.
7. Feed according to your systems normal requirements.

Item Number: 133042
International Article Number: 9325044007794
Manufacturer: Dutch Master


pdf file MSDS Sheet

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