Rapitest 4-Way Analazer Model 1880

Rapitest 4-Way Analazer Model 1880



All plants have preferred growing conditions. This multi-purpose meter allows you to monitor the conditions of soil pH, soil moisture, light quantity and total combined nitrogen, phosphorus and potash levels.

The soil's pH level will affect how well plants utilize the total nutrients available in the soil. These nutrients are the building blocks the plant requires for successful growth. Successful growth can not be achieved with inadequate or improper light amounts. Even if these three key growing conditions are ideal, a garden will not thrive if over or underwatered.
  • Measures four different levels for fertilizer, light, moisture and pH. Includes instructions and guides for all four measuring levels.
  • Instantly tells you the fertility of your soil
  • Measures the light intensity in footcandles
  • Instantly tells you when to water your plants by measuring the moisture level
  • Instantly tells you how acid or alkaline your soil is by measuring the pH level


  1. Slide the selector switch to the test being performed.
  2. For the pH or fertility test, prepare a soil sample and insert the probes into the sample. Within seconds the meter will indicate the pH or fertility conditions of your soil. Check your results against the detailed pH preference list inside, or determine if a fertilizer application is required based on your readings.
  3. To determine moisture level, just probe the soil deep at root level to measure whether water is necessary. Our moisture guide(included) will help you know if the soil is suffiently moist,
  4. Light is measured by placing the photocell, located on the top of the meter, ar a leaf level and pointing it directly at the light source. By checking the chart inside the packaging, you can tell if your plants are receiving necessary light.

Item Number: 133112
Universal Product Code: 035307018809
Manufacturer: Luster Leaf Products
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC716752
Brand: Luster Leaf
Model Number: 1880


pdf file Instruction Guide
pdf file Instructions

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