Calplex Quart

Calplex Quart

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Calplex is an organic-based calcium supplement in a soluble liquid product formulated to correct calcium deficiencies in all types of plants. Calplex is readily assimilated into the root, stem, and leaf cells of plants. Calplex Organic-Based Calcium Supplement can help in the following ways:

May increase photosynthetic capacity and
chlorophyll synthesis.
May increase climatic stress resistance to excessive heat or freezing.
May aid in cell division and metabolism.
May increase stomata opening and increase membrane permeability.
Strengthens cell walls.

Calcium plays an essential role in plant development and overall plant health. Key functions of calcium include; cell production and growth as well as aiding fruit sets. Mild calcium deficiencies can appear as
dark green foliage and very stunted growth normally occurring in new growth first. Severe deficiencies
can turn new growth into shriveled, off colored, dead leaves before they have a chance to develop. Since most plants can absorb calcium at very high rates you may need to replenish their supply from time to time with a calcium supplement like Calplex.

For use in container gardens and hydroponics systems.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 133151
Manufacturer: Botanicare
Manufacturer's Part Number: NSOCXQT
Brand: Organicare

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