24 Tray Jetstream Hydroponic System with 8 Inch Trays

24 Tray Jetstream Hydroponic System with 8 Inch Trays


2 Tray system shown, others similar

Jetstream systems are top feed drip systems for use with rockwool cubes and slabs for growing media. The trays are designed to hold a 36" x 6" rockwool slab. The drip line can be staked to the top of a 3" rockwool cube placed on top of the slab. The drip lines deliver about four gallons per hour. The nutrient runs through the slab and roots then out the drain in the tray. The drains are placed over the common drain tube that runs the length of the system and flows into the reservoir. Each tray is spaced about one foot apart so an 8 tray system would need about 3-1/2 by 8 feet of space. The systems are available in 2 to 24 trays and are expandable. The systems come with hardware only. Nutrient, Rockwool and a timer are not included.

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