HiLUX GRO 1000 Watt Sodium/Halide Dual Arc Tube

HiLUX GRO 1000 Watt Sodium/Halide Dual Arc Tube

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The Ultimate Full Spectrum HID Grow Lamp HYBRID MH and HPS

AMS-1000 / Dual Core 1000W Full Spectrum Bulb runs on S52 HPS Ballast

* Ultimate full spectrum grow lamp
* Super HPS and Super MH burner cores in a single body construction
* Covers entire photosynthesis spectrum
* Achieve maximum vegetative growth and maximum flower yield!

Now, it is possible for convenient and energy saving single lamp operation throughout your plant's growth cycle. High output MH and high output HPS burner cores enclosed in a single lamp body to achieve an enhanced full photosynthesis spectrum from a SINGLE LIGHT SOURCE!

Lamp Code: AMS-1000/Dual Core
Base: E39
Watts: 1000
Lumens: 117,000
Bulb Shape: T21
Ballast: HPS S52
Average Life Hours: 12000

HiLUX GRO 1000 Watt Sodium/Halide Dual Arc Tube


USHIO introduces "Hi-LUX GRO", a new line of grow lamps to promote enhanced vegetative growth and flowering. The lamps are made to assure consistency in quality and optimized for high performance. Made in Germany by ISO9001 certified facility.


Super high output lamp technology
Optimized spectrum, distribution pattern, lumen output and irradiance
Reliable operation throughout the growth cycle
Highest quality and consistent performance
Engineered in ISO 9001 certified facility

Item Specifications
Item Number: 133473
Universal Product Code: 048777485408
Manufacturer: Ushio
Manufacturer's Part Number: 5002114

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