Oxy-Cal 500g

Oxy-Cal 500g


Oxy Cal is 60% calcium peroxide and can disassociate in soil to break down into available calcium. The process occurs slowly and the free calcium will help buffer acidic media. Because this product is an irritant, be sure to wear appropriate safety equipment when handling.

Directions for use:
Mix thoroughly with soil at the following rates:

Use 1 cup/100 ft2 (250 ml/9 m2) or 44 lb/acre (20 kg/0.4 hectare)

Potting Mix:
Use 1 tsp/ 1gal (9 g/4 L) of soil mix or 4 tbsp/ft3 (60 ml/per ft3)

Field use:
Use 44 lb/acre (20 kg/0.4 hectare) 1 lb (2.2 kg) of Oxy Cal in soil provides 1.8 ft3 (52 L) of oxygen at 77oF (25oC) and will slowly break down into lime, water and oxygen.

Item Number: 133586
Universal Product Code: 670829813152
Manufacturer: Grotek


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