Sweet & Heavy Prime 2.5 Gallon

Sweet & Heavy Prime 2.5 Gallon


The Ultimate Plant Food Formula for Sweetest and Versatility . . .

Sweet & Heavy (Prime, Grow, Bloom and Finis) Multi-Part "Hydro-Fusion" formula is the recommended choice for the professional and serious hobbyist that desire more precise applications and the ability to customized feeding solutions. Sweet & Heavy's natural molasses, kelp, bat and fossilized guano based liquid formulations are easily adaptable to a variety of plant requirements and growing environments. For indoor/outdoor plants, soil and hydroponics.

Sweet & Heavy PRIME - N0.00% -P0.00% -K1.00%
The cornerstone of the multi-part formulas and is required to be used with each of the Sweet & Heavy formulas.

Sweet & Heavy GROW -N2.00% -P6.00% -K4.00%
Formula is designed to provide vigorous vegetative plant growth.

Sweet & Heavy BLOOM -N2.00% -P6.00% -K4.00%
Formula targets the production phase of flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Sweet & Heavy FINIS -N0.00% -P6.00% -K3.50%
An optional bloom "finishing" formula designed for determinate flowering and fruiting plants. Generally start using at 14 days prior to harvest. Compatible with Sugar Peak Briximus Maximus.

Item Number: 133783
Universal Product Code: 727644370343
Manufacturer: Hydro-Organics
Manufacturer's Part Number: H37034

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