Sugar Peak Grand Finale Quart


This molasses based nutrient line that will out perform the most complex multi-bottle formulas . . . .

The special feature of the Sugar Peak line is the built-in convenience of a single (1-part) "Hydro-Fusion" formula that doesn't require any additional supplements or additives. Sugar Peak's natural molasses, kelp, bat and fossilized guano based liquid formulations are easily adaptable to a variety of plant requirements and growing environments and are the ideal choice for the hobbyist who demands premium results without the hassle and mess of mixing multiple formulas, supplements and additives together. For indoor/outdoor plants, soil and hydroponics.

Sugar Peak VEGETATIVE - N3.00% -P1.00% -K5.00%

Formula is crafted for energetic stem and leaf growth for foliage plants and the vegetative stage of flowering and fruiting plants.

Sugar Peak FLOWERING - N2.00% -P4.00% -K5.00%

Formula is designed specifically for fruiting and flowering plants. For high production plants use the Sugar Peak Vegetative formula during growth period and at bud and flower set switch to Sugar Peak Flowering.

Sugar Peak GRAND FINALE - 0.00% -P6.00% -K4.00%

An optional "Finishing" formula designed for maximizing the production of determinate flowering and fruiting plants. Generally start using at 14 days prior to harvest.

Sugar Peak BRIXIMUS MAXIMUS - 0.00% -P0.01% -K 0.20%

A finishing foliar spray designed for determinate flowering and fruiting plants' final phase of production. For improved results, use in conjunction with Sugar Peak Grand Finale. Recommended to use 7-14 days prior to harvest. *Compatible with Sweet & Heavy and Earth Juice nutrients.

Item Number: 133804
Universal Product Code: 727644371326
Manufacturer: Hydro-Organics
Manufacturer's Part Number: H37242
Brand: Earth Juice


pdf file MSDS Sheet

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