Technaflora pH Up, 10 Liters

Technaflora pH Up, 10 Liters

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Technaflora's pH Up and pH Down enable the gardener to moderate and maintain optimum pH levels. The pH scale is a measure that describes the relative acidity or alkalinity of a solution or medium.

Both pH-balancing aids are manufactured using the highest-quality ingredients: potassium hydroxide to raise pH, and nitric acid to lower pH. While ensuring stringent industry safety standards are met, Technaflora's pH Up and pH Down are potent and effective in small doses

  • Stringent industry safety standards are met in the production of pH Up and pH Down.
  • Concentrated ph Up and pH Down are effective in small doses
  • Technical grade potassium hydroxide is an available source of potassium (K)
  • Technical grade nitric acid is an available source of nitrogen (N)
  • Quality active ingredients provide stable adjustment of a given solution


Maintaining a stable pH will result in better growth. Hydroponically grown plants will do best if the pH of the nutrient solution is maintained between 5.5 & 6.5.

To raise the pH level, add a few drops of "pH UP" to your nutrient solution. Test pH every few drops until desired pH level is reached. The pH should be checked every day if possible.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 133818
Universal Product Code: 625664728758
Manufacturer: Technaflora Plant Products

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