Dutch Master Buffer pH 4.0, 500mL

Dutch Master Buffer pH 4.0, 500mL


BUFFERS pH 4.0 / 7.0 CONDUCTIVITY 1400 ppm / 2.76 ms / cm2

  • Accurate! Dutch Master BUFFERS are highly accurate and are tested by a quality assured independent laboratory to ensure the highest level of compliance. Like all Dutch Master products, you can be absolutely sure of their quality and reliability.
  • Easy to use! Simply calibrate at pH 7 then check at pH 4 to ensure your meter is functioning correctly. For conductivity meter users, a good tip is to replace your batteries if you need to calibrate your meter upwards twice or more in succession.
  • Optimum accuracy and results! Growth success isn't guaranteed by just purchasing a buffer for your meter. You must calibrate your meter weekly to maintain a suitable degree of accuracy. For users of pH meters it is vital to use both Dutch Master BUFFER 7 and BUFFER 4 even if you have a single calibration point meter. This is so you can check that your pH meter has been calibrated correctly and is reading across the full range.
  • Protects your precious yields! Many growers lose yield and, in many cases, whole crops every day through the use of uncalibrated meters. Dutch Master BUFFERS are designed to provide your meters with a precise reference point that will allow you to get the most accurate readings from all your meters, first time, every time!

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