Organic Air 12" HEPA air filter

Organic Air 12" HEPA air filter

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The Organic Air HEPA filter has been developed using opposing dual cone technology that optimizes airflow even as it traps and filters out 90 % of molds, insects and bacteria. With the Organic Air Filter protection, your greenhouse or grow room provides just the kind of contaminant-free conditions your plants need to grow to their full potential. As HEPA filters need a large air flow, it is not recommended that you use an 8 inch filter with an 8 inch blower for instance. It would be much more beneficial to use an 8" filter with a 10" fan. HEPAs need the air flowing as fast as possible and in order to do this, you should step up the fan or blower size and use a duct reducer to attach your HEPA filter to the blower. Again, use a larger fan size than the HEPA filter size! More air equals more filtration with a HEPA. Please see flow charts for each model to see how much air is needed to adequately filter your area.

Flow RateBack PressureEfficiency
CFMM3/HPa>1 micron>2 micron>5 micron
1430724307172.561.6988.42 %92.41 %
1141919400129.448.6087.67 %92.37 %
85981460890.237.1087.47 %91.50 %
5709969951.926.1978.73 %91.34 %

Installation Organic Air attaches to your fan or blower in three easy steps

-Slide the inlet collar over the inlet or outlet side.
-Secure filter by with clamp provided
-Tighten clamp with screw driver

Item Specifications
Item Number: 133861
International Article Number: 6943764510061
Manufacturer: International Growers Supply

Additional Documents
pdf file HEPA Filter Instructions

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