Charcoal Fiber Filter 10"


The Deau Passe Organic Air Charcoal Fiber is a line of super efficient, high capacity filters designed to remove particulate matter as well as odors and gases from air

Maintenance Tips

These high capacity heavy duty filters need regular maintenance to keep them in top condition. Follow a once a month cleaning regimen to ensure years of trouble free service

Cleaning Instructions

-Remove filter and use a garden hose or shower nozzle to spray it down
-Spray off thoroughly from the inside and outside
-Shake out water and let dry
-Once dry reattach to fan using clamp

Made from small-pore activated carbon, the charcoal fiber lays out a flattened surface area the size of a regular football field for every one gram of the material. This filtering action is supplemented by the filter design with circumferential and vertical pleats in combination with the inverted nose cone that offers the largest fiber surface area of activated carbon you can get on the market.

  • Highest rated CFM on the market
  • Revolutionary odor Control
  • Triple Layer Charcoal Fiber Technology
  • Highest Capacity Filters on the Market! Inverted nose cone and vertical pleats for maximum filtered area.
  • Durable, Washable, Shippable & Lighweight
Triple Layer filters "The Freshmaker" seriesMax CFMMax M3/h
4" (100 mm) Charcoal Fiber518880
6" ( 160mm) Charcoal Fiber9421600
8" (200mm) Charcoal Fiber20003398
10" (250mm) Charcoal Fiber30005097
12" (315mm) Charcoal Fiber40006796

Filter Applications

Multi-layer, Single pass charcoal fiber filter, the "Freshmaker" line is designed for single pass filtration of strong odors. These filters enable air to be pushed and pulled through them. Typical applications include front or end of any exhaust line.

Note: If you are trying to mount your 10" or 12" filter to a metric sized blower and it won't quite fit because the blower is actually bigger than a 10" or 12" diameter, please remove the rubber ring from the filter and attach the filter to the blower without the rubber ring. If tightened snuggly, the filter will make a perfect seal around the oddly sized blower for correct operation.

Item Number: 133866
International Article Number: 6943764510047
Manufacturer: Deau Passe Products


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