Single Layer, Multi Pass Charcoal Fiber Scrubber 4"

Single Layer, Multi Pass Charcoal Fiber Scrubber 4"

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Our single layer charcoal fiber scrubbers can be used as a multi-pass, recirculating air scrubber inside any room, 0-700 CFM. Multiple passes through a single layer of highly activated charcoal fiber will eliminate strong odors within a given space. Our single layer filter will also handle exhaust fans for smaller areas; single pass filtration at lower to moderate CFM's. This is useful for 95-465 CFM squirrel cage blowers in small growing areas. The same scrubber/filter can be affixed to the exhaust side of a centrifugal fan along with our HEPA filter affixed to the intake side of a centrifugal fan. Two different filters with one fan in the middle. This highly effective room scrubber would filter out any airborne mold spores, any dust, any insects and as it passes through the charcoal fiber scrubber, the air would come out the other side odor free as well.

The tightly woven synthetic HEPA fibers in this filter will help prevent mold, bacteria, and insects from entering your greenhouse. The HEPA fibers block out most airborne particles yet allows air to flow through with little restriction. The Filter is also washable for extended efficiency.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 133868

Additional Documents
pdf file Charcoal Fiber Scrubber Instructions

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