SaferGro Pest Out RTU, 32 Ounces

SaferGro Pest Out RTU, 32 Ounces


SaferGro's Pest Out is For control of various mites and insects on many types of crops such as melons, squash, tomatoes, tree crops, grapes, cucumbers and all sorts of flowers. Pest Out is a FIFRA 25b exempt pesticide (Rule 40 CFR 152.25). Pest Out has shown the ability in independent, replicated field and greenhouse trials to control mite populations for 3-4 weeks with a 1% spray solution. Pest Out is applied as a foliar spray and should be a great addition to a well managed IPM program. It is made from 100% organic components so their is no danger of toxic effects to humans or animals.

Pest Out is a natural, organic miticide and insecticide that provides good control of pests, such as mites, thrips, and aphids. Spider mites could cause defoliation, the production of unripe fruits, sour, undersized, and poorly colored fruits. Bearing trees may have decreased bloom and lower yield season. Mite injury may delay tree development as well as adversely crop production. Healthy trees may be unable to supply sufficient moisture to leaves and fruits.

Pest Out is a contact miticide and insecticide, and it controls both adult mites and developing stages. The active ingredients of the product causes irritation, asphyxia, and dehydration to the targeted pest. Since Pest Out is natural, pests are less likely to build up resistance to its chemistry unlike other harsher pesticides, which increase selective pressure. It is derived from garlic extract and other essential oils. These active ingredients are listed as food grade materials. It is safe to use and EPA exempt from registration under FIFRA. There is never a residue or odd taste to be concerned with. It has the ability to dissolve spider mite webs and control eggs, which allows the product to better control spider mite populations. Pest Out is recommended for Spider mites, Rust mites, Persea mites, Two-spotted mites, Red mites, and various other mite species, thrips, and aphids.

Pest Out can fit within a prevention or IPM program to control mites on many different crops including ornamentals, vegetables, grapes, berries, and fruit trees. Pest Out is a safe, long-lasting product that will protect your crops all season up to and including the day of harvest. Pest Out is an excellent tool to help you with your IPM program or pest management strategies. It is less harmful to beneficial fauna than most other miticides and pesticides. It has no Re-Entry or Pre-Harvest Intervals. Formerly GC-Mite

Item Number: 133907
Universal Product Code: 644189023865
Manufacturer: JH Biotech
Manufacturer's Part Number: 743615
Brand: SaferGro


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