CM Powder Gard, 3 Pounds

CM Powder Gard, 3 Pounds

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Apply a light layer of CM-PowderGard as a perimeter dust at carpet edges. Dust all cracks and crevices and bed bug dwellings such as baseboards, picture frames, bed frames, light switch plates, electrical outlets, drop ceilings and folds and tufts of mattresses., box springs and upholstery. Broadcast into wall voids with a power duster. CMPG has no flash point (non-flammable) so you can access wall voids by removing light switch and electrical faceplates. Remove bedding and wash and dry at high temperatures. Always treat adjacent rooms or units. CMPG is a non-repellant and perfect for bed bug treatment, making it a powerful and continuing residual treatment.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 133939

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