B'Cuzz Growth-C, 10 Liters

B'Cuzz Growth-C, 10 Liters

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Item Details

B'Cuzz Products are the result of advanced bio-technology combined with studies in plant physiology and fertilization. The cultivation schedule involves three organic solutions blended in the Atami laboratories in Holland. They are carefully formulated to maximize the performance of your plants at each stage of the growth cycle. For hydroponic systems, the solutions can simply be added to the nutrient tank. For soil/container gardening, the solutions can be mixed with water and applied with a watering can.

B'Cuzz Growth-C is a liquid organic fertilizer. It has a very positive influence on the development of the plant, ensuring a solid main stem with strong branches.

How to Use Growth-C

Add to the nutrient solution from the flowering period onwards. Can be used daily for the irrigation of the crop during the flowering period. Growth-C should not be used in combination with calcium.

Use 30 to 50 ml of Growth-C to every 10 liters of nutrient solution.

NPK Growth-C: 3-3-5 (w/v).

Item Specifications
Item Number: 134008
Manufacturer: Atami
Manufacturer's Part Number: GC10L
Brand: B'Cuzz

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