Orchid Focus Grow 8 oz.

Orchid Focus Grow 8 oz.

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Orchid Focus is crafted in two separate formulations for the different needs of orchids during the growth and blooming cycles. Orchid Focus Grow has higher levels of nitrogen, derived solely from nitrates, to encourage the growth of healthy shoots and leaves. Orchid Focus Bloom has enhanced levels of phosphorus and potassium to support heavy flowering.Please note that changing nutrients from Orchid Focus Grow to Orchid Focus Bloom will not cause an orchid to bloom. Orchid blossoms are dictated by the season and by the plants internal programming. Using Orchid Focus Bloom at the onset of natural blooming will ensure that the orchid has access to the minerals necessary to maximize and prolong the floral display.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 134082
Manufacturer: Hydrodynamics International

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