Grodan Growcubes 5.07 Cubic Feet Loose Box

Grodan Growcubes 5.07 Cubic Feet Loose Box


Grodan Mini Cubes -The product consists of small stonewool croutons about the size of a sugar cube. When you use this potting mix the miniature cubes stack on top of each other and air pockets are created throughout the pot. Growcubes are difficult to over-water if the container has good drainage. The Growcubes are a light weight alternative to your regular potting mix. You can use the Growcubes in any size pot and in many different growing systems, such as ebb & flow, top watering, or just with a watering can. Good results have been seen even with continuous watering. The Growcubes do not need to be changed as they last for the life of your plant. If you are new to hydroponics, then this is the product you should choose. Complete with package instructions.

Grodan Growcubes are an ideal hydroponic substrate for growing many crops. Ideally suited for top irrigation (watering can or drip system), the product also performs well under ebb & flow applications. Easy to use and environmentally friendly, growcubes provide plant roots with a stable foundation and an excellent balance of air and water. Roots love these little baby rockwool cubes!

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Item Number: 134182
International Article Number: 8711698806691
Manufacturer: Grodan
Manufacturer's Part Number: 91002
Brand: Grodan

Price: $142.82

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