Growstone Hydroponic Substrate 10 Quart

Growstone Hydroponic Substrate 10 Quart


Growstone Soil Enhancement: partical size similar to Big & Chunky Perlite - 1/4"

Growstone, LLC is focused on providing not only an environmentally responsible product line, but also one based on sound science and technology. After extensive horticultural trials in association with universities and commercial growers, Growstone is proud to announce the release of Growstones Soil Enhancement. Data shows that Growstones are an effective and eco-friendly component any potting soil (coir-based or peat-based) in a variety of climate zones and environments. Go to to learn more about Growstones and their offering of sustainable products.

Growstones Give You

* Balanced ratio of air/moisture over time... For Healthy/Vigorous Plants
* Efficient absorption and release of water/nutrition... For Reduced Plant Care
* Optimum flexibility for different plant needs... For Consistent High Yield

Item Number: 134378
Manufacturer: Growstone

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