Hanna HI9811-0 pH/TDS Combo Meter

Hanna HI9811-0 pH/TDS Combo Meter

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Water Resistant pH & Conductivity TDS Meter is a portable meter for field measurements of pH, conductivity and TDS that reduce the number of instruments required for water quality analysis. This versatile instrument is ideal for use in coolers and boilers, printing and agriculture. The rugged housing has been specifically designed to withstand the heavy demand of field application. HI 9811-0 measures pH from 0 to 14 with 0.1 resolution. The instrument also measures conductivity from 0 to 6000 S/cm and TDS from 0 to 3000 mg/L. These ranges make HI 9811-0 perfect for use in boilers and cooling towers, as well as printing and agriculture. Calibration is simplified to one point for both pH and conductivity/TDS modes.

The Battery Error Prevention System (BEPS) alerts the user when low batteries could adversely affect your readings.

This portable meter uses the 4-in-1 replaceable probe HI 1285-0 for pH/EC/TDS.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 134404

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