Myco Madness Soluble - 4 Ounce

Myco Madness Soluble - 4 Ounce


Myco Madness This biologically active soluble powder contains beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, and trichoderma. These micro-organisms colonize roots and extend root zones into surrounding media, increasing the surface area of the root system. Humboldt Nutrients employed a leading mycologist to formulate this yield-enhancing product, which is well-suited to a variety of gardens and plants.

Myco Madness is a soluble powder which contains a biologically active package: 9 mycorrhizal species, 15 beneficial bacteria and 2 trichoderma species well-suited to a variety of media, soil conditions, climates and plants. Myco Madness contains mycorrhizal fungi that colonize plant roots and extend the root system into the surrounding media, greatly enhancing the absorptive surface area of root systems. Myco Madness can help in forming an essential link between the plant roots, organic matter and fertilizers of all types.

Myco Madness can help plants improve nutrient and water uptake for superior plant performance. Humboldt Nutrients employed one of the leading mycologists in mycorrhizal studies to help in the formulation of this yield and quality-enhancing product. Many university studies have proven the superiority of products created by this mycologist.

Guaranteed Analysis

Bacillus licheniformis..372 million cfu/lb
Bacillus azotoformans...372 million cfu/lb
Bacillus megaterium.........372 million cfu/lb
Bacillus coagulans,.372 million cfu/lb
Bacillus pumilis....372 million cfu/lb
Bacillus thuringiensis...372 million cfu/lb
Bacillus stearothermiphillis..372 million cfu/lb
Paenibacillus polymyxa....372 million cfu/lb
Paenibacillus durum...372 million cfu/lb
Paenibacillus florescence......372 million cfu/lb
Paenibacillus gordonae....372 million cfu/lb
Azotobacter polymxa....372 million cfu/lb
Azotobacter chroococcum...372 million cfu/lb
Sacchromyces cervisiae...372 million cfu/lb
Pseudomonas aureofaceans...372 million cfu/lb


Glomus intraradices...1,135 propagules per lb
Glomas mosseae1,135 propagules per lb
Glomas aggregatum..1,135 propagules per lb
Glomus entunicatum..1,135 propagules per lb
Glomus clarum....1,135 propagules per lb
Glomus deserticola.1,135 propagules per lb
Gigaspora margarita..1,135 propagules per lb
Gigaspora brasilianum...1,135 propagules per lb
Gigaspora monosporum.1,135 propagules per lb

Trichoderma harzianum..150 million propagules per lb
Trichoderma konigii...150 million propagules per lb

9.5% Humic acids (derived from Leonardite)
5% Alaskan humus, 5% worm castings
3% glucose


Soil Application: Mix 0.50 tsp per gallon of Myco Madness per 1 gallon of non-chlorinated water. Use as a soil drench in porous media
Hydroponics Application: 0.50 tsp Myco Madness/per gallon of reservoir water use non-chlorinated water when using Myco Madness.

Item Number: 134527
Universal Product Code: 837654466926
Manufacturer: Humboldt Nutrients
Manufacturer's Part Number: MMA400
Brand: Humboldt Nutrients


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