Take Down Garden Spray Concentrate - 16 Ounce

Take Down Garden Spray Concentrate - 16 Ounce


An insecticide containing natural pyrethrin plus canola oil.
Good replacement for Dursban or diazinon products.
Use on vegetables, fruit trees, houseplants, ornamentals, etc.
Controls aphids, beetles, mealy bugs, caterpillars, plant bugs, etc.
Dormant and growing season insect spray.
Kills all stages of insects, including eggs.
Does not persist in the environment.
Insecticide from plants for plants.

  • Contains pyrethrins and canola oil botanical insecticides
  • Use on vegetables, fruit trees, houseplants, ornamentals
  • Kills aphids, beetles, mealy bugs, caterpillars, plant bugs

What is Take Down Garden Spray?
Take Down Garden Spray is a blend of natural pyrethrin and canola oil. The pyrethrin gives excellent insect knockdown and quick control. The canola oil acts like a horticultural oil and controls insects by suffocation. It will also control insect eggs. These two oils have combined the useful characteristics of both products into one, a very effective insecticide combination.

What sizes and formulation is Take Down Garden Spray?
Take Down Garden Spray is .5% pyrethrin and 89.5% canola oil. The concentrate is available in pints and quarts. Take Down Garden Spray RTU is the ready to use formulation of these products. It's to be used directly out of the container. It is packaged in a 22oz. spray bottle.

Where can I use Take Down Garden Spray?
It can be used indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses, on fruit and nut trees, vegetables, grapes, strawberries, citrus, houseplants and all forms of bedding plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

What insects does Take Down Garden Spray control?
Most garden pest such as aphid, Japanese beetle, Colorado potato beetle, caterpillars, leaf roller, mealy bug, leafhopper, scale, whitefly, plant bugs, thrips, psyllid, mites, and many others.

How much Take Down Garden Spray does it take?
For the concentrate, mix water and apply at 2½ - 5 tablespoons per gallon of water. Apply thoroughly to the area to be sprayed to the point of runoff. With the RTU, apply directly out of the container, thoroughly cover the area to be treated.

Can Take Down Garden Spray be used on vegetables and fruit trees?
Yes, right up to the day of harvest.

How often do I spray Take Down Garden Spray?
Use the higher rate (5tbs.) with the first application, then apply weekly until the insect cycle is broken with the lower rate (2½ tbs.) Thorough coverage is necessary. Shake the container well before using.

Can Take Down Garden Spray be used during the dormant period on fruit trees and ornamentals?
Apply the higher rate (5tbs.) when the plants are dormant to control such insects and scales, mealybugs, mites and also to control the eggs of various insects.

What precautions should I use?
Oils remove the blue blooms on certain evergreens so do not use if this is a problem. Some plants are oil sensitive, so if this is expected, spray just a small area before using weekly. Do no combine Take Down Garden
Spray with sulfurs or apply sulfur 30 days before or after a Take Down application. Sulfur and oil are a bad combination. Do no apply when temperatures are about 90°F (except for dormant usage). If the temperature is expected to be about 90°F, apply early in the morning or late in the evening after it has cooled off. Applications to citrus after October 1st may increase the tree's susceptibility to cold damage during the winter.

Item Number: 134595
Universal Product Code: 022179101302
Manufacturer: Monterey Lawn and Garden Products
Manufacturer's Part Number: LG6235
Brand: Monterey

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