CubeCap 3 Inch


The CubeCap® enables you to naturally and efficiently minimize Algae, Fungus Gnats and their root eating Larva found on Rockwool and Coco growing blocks. It is one of the first environmentally safe solutions available. There are no required pesticides, larvasides or fungicides. In addition you are able to recycle and reuse the CubeCap® thus saving on costs.

An Algae flourishes in wet, well lit locations, the CubeCap® deprives the cube of its light by reflecting it back up towards the plant and away from the top of the block thus making it difficult for any dark green Algae to form.

Once you minimize the Algae you have minimized the preferred breeding environment of the Fungus gnat, Shore fly & Larva. No breeding environment, no breeding!

Algae also competes with the plants being grown for nutrients during the light and oxygen during the dark cycle. When Algae decays and dies it can then become detrimental to the plants and there growing facility inviting bacteria's and viruses to occur.

Various solutions have been proposed for covering Rockwool and Coco cubes to prevent the growth of Algae. Unfortunately several of these solutions have been proven to have adverse effects on your plants health and yours! Most products available on the market, besides not being reusable will limit the circulation of oxygen to the plant creating an anaerobic environment which will in turn inhibit the plants nutrient intake and growth.

Unlike a plastic cover that sits directly on top of the block depriving the plant of its vital oxygen supply, the CubeCap® patented technology allows the necessary air exchange by way of its unique elevated, vented design.

The CubeCap® being reflective bounces the light away from the surface of the block and back up towards the foliage causing an accelerated growth in the early stages of younger plants.

Engineering the CubeCap® to be elevated and vented produced some interesting results: An accelerated evaporation effect occurs within the top 1/3 of the block creating a new desired micro climate for roots to form. The evaporation effect also allows the blocks surface to be come dryer, quicker.

The remaining 2/3 of the growing medium retains water and nutrients for a longer period of time so your watering schedule can be lessoned, saving on costs.

Item Number: 134604
Universal Product Code: 010491043097
Manufacturer: Cube Cap Inc
Manufacturer's Part Number: CUBE3
Brand: CubeCap

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