Royal Gold Loose Coco Fiber 1.5 Cubic Feet

Royal Gold Loose Coco Fiber 1.5 Cubic Feet

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Our lose coco fiber is designed for hydroponic use; but also works well with pots and beds and all other growing techniques. Most coco coir products on the market are a dust by product produced from the coconut industry. We Steam Pasteurize our coco to guarantee against any unwanted weeds, seeds, and bacteria. Our coco is a propriety blend of diverse particle size. We have the highest air porosity rate of any coco on the market with 40% air porosity rate. This reduces compaction, increases oxygen levels and increased drainage. This adds up to higher yields with greater consistency in finished product.

Rooted cuttings should be started in small pots (4-5 inches). Begin feeding immediately after establishing the plant into a larger container. Established plants should be fed a complete nutrient system each feeding.
In Recirculating hydro systems, flush Royal Gold Coco with pH balanced water to eliminate discolored debris. Transplant cuttings into small pots 4-5 inches. Flood and drain or top feed once daily. As the plant grows the frequency of feedings can be increased to 1-6 feedings a day. When plants are well developed and growing vigorously, transplant into larger containers. Vigorous plants respond well to 6 waterings daily.

In hydroponic systems smaller pots can be used than in conventional growing systems. One gallon pots in ebb and flow or top feed systems will support a larger plant size than conventional growing techniques. Nine to sixteen, one gallon pots, in a 4x4 tray with 2.5-3 foot plants are common.
In conventional gardens that are hand feed, 3- 5 gallon pots are often employed. Feedings will be delayed 3- 5 days at a time. Farmers in this tradition will often let the pot dry out between feedings. Consistency in watering, environment, and pH will yield the best results. Always check pH. Always monitor nutrient levels in the medium, and reservoir. Maintain an average nutrient level above 1200 ppm in reservoir if feeding constantly. High nutrient levels can be employed with care. Be careful not to over feed. Follow the manufactures directions. We have seen great success with Advanced Nutrients, Cutting Edge , House and Garden , Pure Blend as well as hand made nutrient concoctions.

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